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All the files that you are to edit should be added to the program timeline with simple dragging and dropping.

There is the alternative of using the "file" tab on the menu bar which will allow you to browse through the computer for the files. Highlight the video that you are editing and then there will be editing options to choose one from.

The New Mac Mini and Final Cut Pro X

You will have to choose the suitable editing option for your video. Filmora Video Editor supports all basic editing functions, you can trim , crop , combine , rotate , reverse videos in a few clicks. In addition to these basic features, Filmora Video Editor advanced editing functions could also come in handy when doing more creative video editing. Lastly, save the changes you make to the video. And then you can export them to any device as wanted. Animated titles are other features that you will get to enjoy with Filmora Video Editor for Mac which also has a Windows version: Filmora Video Editor for Windows , and this Final Cut Pro for Mac alternative makes it possible to add captions to a video.

Color correction helps to make adjustments to the saturation, contrast and brightness of videos while PIP has over 50 transition effects that you can apply to make your movie stunning. If you want to sense any changes or splits in your video, scene detection features make that possible while mosaic effects helps to blur any parts that you don't want to appear in your video.

The New Mac Mini and Final Cut Pro X

There are many other editing functions of Filmora Video Editor that will impress you. Screen capture has a built-in preview window that makes it possible taking snapshots while video and audio recorder helps to add a voiceover or an extra video to your movie.

There is the timeline panel which will make it easier editing your videos, drag and drop helps to edit videos with a simple drag-and-drop functionality while full-screen preview allows you to view the edited work under a full screen which offers real-time experience. The clear answer is that Final Cut Pro supports Yosemite. FCP has been bolstered to allow it support more of editing, importing and exporting of videos taken under standard resolution. The lat est versions of Final Cut Pro have advanced features that make it well compatible with Yosemite so you will not have challenges using it.

They can handle video of 4K as well as 5K resolution and more which is an advantage for users. You will learn about the main advantages of that once you start using Final Cut Pro. Apple has been very creative to have features like workflow assistant and inspector panel that make it smooth using Final Cut Pro with Yosemite. There are also iOS apps launched by Apple with support for Yosemite and that widens the scope of options. At any given time, you will be able to use Final Cut Pro with Yosemite without experiencing any difficulties. However, there is no guarantee that Final Cut Pro will always work as expected.

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There are bound to arise several hitches and it will disturb you in case you are not informed on how to troubleshoot. You don't have to get bothered about getting an expert to do that for you, it is something that you will be able to actualize on your own with this troubleshooting guideline. Start by lunching the "applications" folder and then right clicking on the "show package contents" icon.

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It will then open the "contents" folder and "Mac OS" in that order. Those that film using multicams will also be delighted that in version Since release Final Cut Pro X has also added the ability to share videos to multiple YouTube accounts at once - which is probably a huge bonus for more active vloggers. A broader appeal. Final Cut Pro X simplifies Apple's famous video editor while making it a lot more powerful. While dedicated fans and professionals may not be delighted with everything that's been changed, feeling it has been dumbed down, beginners will love it.

Trial only available in version Full version is A dynamic editing interface lets you experiment freely while working with extraordinary speed and precision. Magnetic Timeline With a visual simplicity that reveals powerful professional tools just when you need them, the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro offers an exceptionally fluid, flexible way to edit. Similarly, clips move out of the way to avoid clip collisions and sync problems.

Descargar Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4 - MacOS

If you prefer to work with traditional, non-rippling editing behaviors, you can use the Position tool to build your timeline. Multicam Assemble sophisticated multicam projects with unprecedented speed and flexibility using Final Cut Pro.

Installing and editing with Final Cut Pro 7 on a new Macbook Pro with Yosemite

The bit engine allows you to work natively and in real time with a variety of formats, frame sizes, and frame rates. Create a Multicam Clip by automatically syncing up to 64 angles of video and photos, or choose custom sync options to precisely align footage based on time of day, timecode, markers, or audio waveforms. To adjust a Multicam Clip, double-click to open it in the Angle Editor, which lets you move, sync, and edit the look of individual clips. Or use keyboard shortcuts to seamlessly switch between video and audio on the fly. You can even combine audio channels from multiple cameras with just a click.

Multichannel audio editing Edit multichannel audio faster than ever — right in the timeline. A simple keystroke lets you expand any audio file in place so you can view its separate components. Easily enable or disable entire channels, select ranges to adjust timing and volume, and use the embedded audio fade handles to quickly smooth transitions. For a complete view of your audio file, access the Inspector, where you can rename and hide individual channels. Clip Connections Clip Connections make it simple to place clips such as B-roll, sound effects, and music in the timeline so they all move together as you make changes — even in the most complex projects.

Final Cut Pro automatically creates a Clip Connection when you drag a secondary element to the timeline.

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Or press a modifier key to keep Connected Clips locked in place as you rearrange clips in the Primary Storyline. Clear visual connections make it easy to hand off a project to another editor or resume editing at a later date. Compound Clips Compound Clips are automatically saved back to the Library, making it easy to reuse them in other projects — for example, when designing a unique sound effect with layered audio.

And Compound Clips work just like Multicam Clips, so changes you make in the Browser instantly ripple across your projects.

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Inline Precision Editor The Magnetic Timeline improves on traditional ways of trimming, including ripple, roll, slip, and slide edits. If you need additional control, double-click an edit to open the Precision Editor and make trims directly in the timeline. The Precision Editor expands your view of the edit point so you can see both used and unused portions of your clips.

Then skim entire clips and adjust edit points with a click. Auditions With the unique Auditions feature, you can collect multiple alternative shots at a single location in the timeline and quickly cycle through them in context. Test different B-roll shots, different reads of the same lines, different color grades for the same shot, or different effects. Or use Auditions to create multiple versions of your project for different deliverables and venues.

Customize with hundreds of materials, realistic lighting options, and text styles.