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diehanlucotu.gq/joqa-sitio-de.php Unsere Vorfahren hatten Zeiten, in denen sie viel Obst gegessen haben, und danach wieder Zeiten mit sehr wenig Obst. Diese werden schnell verdaut und machen schnell dick. Aber Vorsicht! Nicht alles, was nach Vollkorn klingt, ist es auch. Ich glaube, dass solche Produkte manchmal notwendig sind, damit die Psyche und das Selbstbewusstsein nicht kaputtgehen. Jetzt wende ich es schon seit einem Monat an und muss zugeben, dass die Ergebnisse erstaunlich sind!

Leave a Comment. KatieS Pour toi, ca doit etre la vie en bleu, comme ton petit oiseau! Code of practice of Dried Danggit. They can afford to give up some ill-gotten gains. In DC next week to brief. Hope to have all 6. West called thanking me for bringing broken CD to their attention, they're sending new ones to all customers.

NP, I already have it online. Have you seen our work-in-progress? Wonder how many customers will figure that out? The Archivist DFerriero will judge! Can you tweet the Preamble in characters? Justice, domestic Tranquility, general Welfare, Liberty, Posterity. Form a more perfect Union. An "ingabanga" is a Bengali term for an anglomaniac, one besotted of the English. Jnanadanandina and the Ingabangas, great name for a band.

Reading a biography of Rabindranath Tagore, after much practice, I can now pronounce the name of his sister-in-law, Jnanandanandini. MAOrthofer maybe they're worried about the book being recognized in bookstores. But, do you believe Americans walk an average of 2. Doesn't that sound awfully high? Americans walk an average of miles per year? That's 2. I'd throw it in the O'Reilly break room and put a "Courtesy of smalljones " label on it. Not quite the same road, but same destination. It's like the red bull of pepper, all burn. Can totally sympathize with Homicide Watch struggle to survive.

Joi Are all the foundations required to have the board meetings the same week? Working on an opengov antonym, the un-blue button to report privacy breaches of personal information in government docs. Has to be orange. Member of Congress liked our stuff, sent me a U. Flag that flew over the Capitol on my birthday with a nice certificate.

Estonian standards agency EVS refusing to sell legally-mandated safety standards. Canceled my 2 orders. No more opengov? Though unsuccessful, learned a lot from your feedback. From a digital art site called Project Did a startup in that space in Too early then, but could be done now. The legally mandated European standards for personal protective equipment. Pushed 45 more standards incorporated into the Code of Federal Regulations. We now have standards mandated by Federal regulations. RT grimmelm : Jayne v.

Jayne v. Another govt answered request for invoice for 62 compulsory standards with questions about my business. Responded that I'm a legal scholar. Sent 14, PH pesos in cash by express mail to a govt office. They don't do EFT, no web sales. In theory, they'll send me 33 docs by post. Life is too short to spend it arguing with stupid robots. Deleting my scribd account. The Scribd robots have notified me that letters I wrote to a federal judge has been removed due to copyright.

No appeal or notice. RT jswatz : Those who are counting the literallys are missing the boat on counting the looks. Spent 30 min. They require paper. New law of open? Borrow teleprompter feed? RT gilelbaz : Let the data flow. Factual officially launches Global Products. Let the data flow.

Our video about making standards available on the front page of the County of Sonoma web site. Jamaica has compulsory standards, maintains active programs for coconut water processing and approval of fans. Restricted circulation. Please don't look at it. ISO Cycles--Safety requirements for bicycles for young children. This document is restricted. Downloading compulsory Egyptian Standard for Bastarami and ES , safety spec for non-alcoholic barley drinks. Give them a chance. Besides, no rationing on alphanumeric combinations, plenty of alts exist.

Purchased a bunch of Egyptian standards, but their server melted down, waiting for tech support. Requests pending in Bangladesh, Algeria. To buy Nigerian standards, you have to buy a prepaid card with a PIN number. When I was younger, had severe inode problems. But thanks to the miracle of ZFS, my sysadmin says "no problem" to adding 58m tiff files. Longest speech on record at the UN is V. Menon from India at 9 hours.

Made Castro look like Coolidge. Added the National Building Code of India. Added the National Electrical Code of India to our collection.

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Indian law students take note. What a PITA that was. From boingboing : Specification for Tamarind Pulp, revealed at last! USNatArchives of course, teleprompters in those days used lead type. Turned what was 4 days of carpal-tunnel-inducing munging of PDF docs into 5 scripts. Now takes 22 mins, read twitter while waiting. Your mars coverage has been great, loved the arctic analysis.

Anybody could have done reddit. Maybe just me, not a fan of is-this-a-watershed-moment-in-social-media stories. Pro or con. Nothing personal! StevenLevy Only acceptable answer in an election year is "American Cheese! But, for production, that's downstream. I get the files ready in bulk, building a UI is post-liberation. Having typed lines of Indian metadata, it's all scripting from here on in. He created the People's Education Society to build schools on those lines.

JamesGleick Though "dehumanize" is a very apt word. Got a nice thank you note from a Plumbers and Pipefitters local. They use our codes in their apprenticeship program. Read carefully. Supporter Building! Inside the beltway humor: when somebody says a meeting is in Ford House Office Building, the proper answer is "That's in Virginia, right?

Pity as I'm a great book customer. Also don't get why they won't ship to the US. I'd happily prepay for books! This copy of IS Part 4 is a seasoned traveler. Still puzzling at NY Times description of 16 shots being fired "at nanosecond speed. Loading the exempt organization DVDs. JoeBeOne scsi-1, just in case I try and boot that old sparc pizzabox and need to connect the disk drive, which is probably mbytes.

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GPO reports sales of copies over 50 titles. My neighbors at make warned me robots stopping by for a photo shoot. No problem, many of my friends are robots. RT mkapor : Wake up policymakers, the patent system is broken. No way UI gestures should be patentable. Purchased Part 3 of the EuroCode. There are 9 parts to the EuroCode. Snoek lovers all over the world will be pleased to hear that the Compulsory Specification for Smoked Snoek will soon be available in xhtml.

Indian Prayer. Tagore read this to the Congress in My mom's a big meringue maker, reports back that the egg trick doctorow posted works like a charm! KatieS I'm often out the door at 5am to make meetings in the Valley. But, I run a non-profit so don't know anything about biz. My local herd of turkeys has grown to Another reference to Nehru's "dynamic personality" fisticuffs in Constituent Assembly debates.

When the press reported "the dynamic personality of Pandit Nehru restored order" it meant Nehru punched the troublemaker. No Fear. Will I really go on national television looking like a cross between Captain Jack Sparrow and a waitress from Hooters? A people person as it were. Please retry tomorrow. Anticipate your co-operation'. Eloquent gnat mea culpa now 4 in my Google search results. They should ask you the minimum number of bits in a valid https certificate. Thursday's whitehouse introduction of their fellows program is going to be great.

Ashoka had two endearing nicknames: Piyadasi "one who looks with kindness upon everything" and Beloved-Of-The-Gods. Way to think long-term. Google tech talk, tour of Obama headquarters, great visit with pitrodasam. Pitroda doing amazing work in India. Back at ORD. RT jswatz : So many retweets on my Mississippi story! Feelin' the love, and thankin' my buddies. So many retweets on my Mississippi story! Greatly enjoying alexvtunzelmann 's Indian Summer. A satyagrahi is Gandhi's term for a practitioner of truth-force, the art of militant non-violence.

The Mahabharata is reputed to be the world's longest poem. Evidence of this is that an index of names is pages. We're preparing a full-throated run at the IRS database, stay tuned for ongoing developments this fall. With errors. Democratic Convention: "A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.

Lovely picture of Nelson Mandela and F. Finished scanning the 50 lbs. Taking a break Mon. Mlsif timoreilly the right to public information is timeless, no problem at all! IS IS , Code for dehydrated garlic. DarrellIssa timoreilly techpresident before they were allowed to plug in a modem, we ran infrared down to the lawn. If you have leftover yak cheese and green chilis, try making a nice dish of Ema Datshi.

Freedom Deferred. Done with the scanning, now doing QA on each doc. Sent you mail. For that, I just use the "America Inside" mark. Cool medley of guaranteed employment songs at a rally in Rajastan.

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Siapa sangka dari hobi memboroskan uang sekarang malah mendatangkan uang. Tu te plains! I am grateful, for the knowledge I have and the space and availability of water. Would you consider the three-wheeler with a harness that would allow you to pull it like a beast of burden? You have performed an impressive job and our entire group will likely be grateful to you. I borrowed it for free and brought them at the book store there for the past seven years. Your experiences need to get broad attention.

Circle of life. Tweeted I was looking for a quote by Chanakya, famous medieval statesman. If it's for sale, I'm bullish on the IRS, happy to buy. NFPA Love it! But, you have a bad link on your blog page to the journal. SeriousGivers I'd give 30, then a polite letter back in.

I've had requests often take several months, 20 days actually the exception. If that pace continues, done uploading by end of August. If you went to Univ. Have reached a new plane of enlightenment by turning on 2-factor authentication. Thanks to JamesFallows and mattcutts for nagging. Here's a version with a solid white background, easier to read. ISO has published more than 19, standards since They have 3, "technical bodies" and full-time staff. If you're going to meet, might as well do something useful! Ordered docs from Ugandan Bureau of Standards. Got Chanakya's Arthashastra. TheMan cc: timoreilly Great essay.

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Public purse looterism is particularly a problem with government contractors and legal info. Ghonim Small world, was watching that movie just last night. Reading Nehru's Discovery of India I've become obsessed.

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The Internet is just a path to that enlightenment. RT ferenstein : seamuskraft at focas Q: How much does a hipster weigh?

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A: an instagram. From the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation. This is how DC is supposed to work. Looting the public treasury for private profit, taking advantage of the disadvantaged. Love this pitrodasam quote: "Invent a new India using knowledge. Revolution happening very slowly. The problem with a technology stack is it ends up being lowest common denominator. Climbing the mountain of legacy IRS data.

RT sarawinge : "We're safe on Mars Bought an annotated Periplus of the Erythraean Sea from a Dehli publisher. Sunday afternoon and I'm playing nanny to 8 DVD drives. Appreciate the thought! URLs reflecting state based on sessions should be unconstitutional.

We've created a mirror of the acusgov proceedings on Incorporation by Reference. I extracted 28 grams of staples from standards docs today. Patent-pending destapling station is used to dis-bind standards docs so they can be scanned. Using the IRS bulk data opengov service to access nonprofit tax returns. For the love of larb. Could persist for centuries. There's a flame war in shrimp world. Bollywood on the telly, curry on the stove, Nehru on the bedstand. Can't go, so bringing India home. Hindi speakers This will be my August. IndLit thanks!

That "Words of Freedom" series looks very interesting. IndLit Specific book you'd recommend by him or about him? He didn't get as much press as some of the others. Nehru, Gandhi, Phizo, Narayan. Pulled Nehru's Discovery of India off the shelf. Written during an unplanned 5-month stay at the Ahmadnagar Fort. Looking for a pithy quote by a founder of India about knowledge flowing freely for government to work. Would Nehru be the Indian John Adams? Have been unsubscribing from Atlantic Monthly spam for months to no avail.

Finally called them up: "Hi, I'm a year subscriber! Working on standards from India. Queen wrote a song inspired by those stickers. Pairing suggestion: Goes well with diet no-cal Cola and gluten-free pasta. Before running for the House, Churchill carefully read all 27 volumes of the Annual Register of years of parliamentary debates. The RDC student summer program has reverse-engineered graphics and formulas from the California Code so far.

Humble little sugar-glazed fried pies, part of the city's sweet soul. Standards from ansidotorg power the Olympics. Made it through the state audit of accessibility, plumbing, energy, building codes. The commoncrawl indicates they have 3. MT andysherry : 2. Most of this stuff has been scanned. Getting ready for next week's release. The Post's View. Germany's bad circumcision ruling means U. Biography of Ferdinand Ward by his great-grandson. GB Shaw. I like your telling of the story better An aphorism, not an essay. Seemed very inside baseball, abstract opengov theory.

Did boiler and elevator code state surveys, ordered 12 more docs to round it out but otherwise got it covered. Plumbing tomorrow. My shipment of IRS data has arrived after a long journey! Next release of docs is slated for end of month, going to break 1, total. Started with 73 on March Love working in a startup. The Colours of the Queen. These Google Webmaster blog comments are a glimpse into another Internet.

Today was a systematic survey of all amusement device water slide, go kart, etc. Tomorrow, boilers, then elevators. Really helpful people at the Aluminum Association AluminumNews. No lightweights at this SDO! Key to a great campaign web site is to be like not super boring. Portrait of standards from a body to be named at a later date. I like to make a mirror of video from govt webcasts we participated in. Newton et. Write prayers on flash drives and floppies to leave.

I think I figured out an mms url I can use. Is there any easy trick? Battling a granicus -hosted site of. There should be a law or FAR provision preventing this. Love the FailMuseum. Need a hall of fail-fame. Are there morel farms? The city was filled with "errorists of every name and grade.

RT rklau : Congrats waldojaquith on being named in the Fastcase 50! Congrats waldojaquith on being named in the Fastcase 50! Frankness would help immeasurably on many fronts, including M-Lab. Was able to image a stack of docs 2 feet tall this morning in 2.

Good news. Well-placed government officials inform me that Delivery in 5 days. Developing countries—54 of them at this writing—are making ASTMIntl standards part of their regulatory requirements. Had a nice to-do list labeled "Tuesday. Better luck tomorrow. Dairy farmers pay a mandatory milk tax, which goes to Dairy Management Inc. RT sluggernova : Collections managed in the public trust should be "ready to be used" by the public. How many times have you wished for books that don't weigh you down with complicated stories? Marissa following that book.

Somebody did a great job of protest.

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Working on a grid with 13 safety codes across, 50 states, some cities down. If it's good enough for him, wfm! I get my nexus 7 next week. Book-burning party really a ruse to raise taxes. The world's only all-Winston Churchill bookshop. One of the Strauss farms next to my house. JoshData so you're not changing your terms of use? I'd hate to see your wonderful software encumbered with something like that. Office of Metaphorical Excellence. Early release of the open version of the California Code of Regulations.

They must be smart! Rep from asmetweet says "People ask us why our standards cost so much. Well, they don't just fall from the sky! Spectacular pricing! The ansidotorg rep is arguing that making legal-mandated standards available meaningless since they in turn reference other standards. We have about of those. The representative from acusgov explaining why we're not smart enough to understand standards. There are 3, counties in the U. Over 1, of them have been declared a disaster area because of drought.

How wonderful! Boing Boing posted our new video! DavidHalperinDC will speak for Public. Resource at this. Studies prove if you spend a lot of time configuring Windows and your Facebook page, you stop believing in God. Here's that Code for Unfired Pressure Vessels. Regulators are conducting a hearing on availability of HazMat specs. We submitted annotated copies of standards that are law into this official. Gov should use that.

Would majorly improve pa Would majorly improve parsability. SF city officials are now officially banned from buying foie gras and Macbooks. Think I've cracked the baseline now that the graphics are mapped on DVD 1. Just got DVD 2, will see how it changes. Nice progress reverse-engineering the graphics in the California Code.

RT timoreilly : Awesome! RT codeforamerica : A gift from our landlord, storekbuilding , thanks! Received my copy of the Unfired Pressure Vessel Code required by the feds. Should be able to post tomorrow. Nice study of the extent of Facebook's infestation in web pages. Our new minute video is out and we have a new web site design.

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After spending a week with the California Code, shaking my head in disbelief at how government lets vendors get away with such shoddy work. White House has said they'd furnish the regular s for free of charge. Next up is the Private Foundations, then the EOs. A river of DVDs. Coming soon to a tube near you.

Another 1, or so to go, but I'm picking up speed. Standards New Zealand sent me snailmail indicating that prices would now go up 3. In , Warren Buffet bought the Ginsu Knife company. Please don't try this at home. Loading 93 more standards incorporated into law into CFR directories. Loading to Internet Archive as well. Take one down, pass it around, 98 sluices of knowledge.. All rights reserved. Hallo, ich habe neulich im Fitnessstudio einen Trainingsplan bekommen.

Risiken haben den auch — denn es kommt immer auf den Betroffenen an, denn was interessiert Sie z. Doch haben dicke Menschen oftmals falsche Bewegungsmuster. Sozialwohnungen gibt es zudem fast keine mehr …. Hier finden Sie die Antworten auf die wichtigsten Fragen. Wollen Sie mehr wissen? Additionally your web site rather a lot up very fast!