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Installation Guide. Guides Start Here! What's new. Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Trinexz Start date Jul 9, Tags dlink dwa I installed the official drivers but when starting the wireless software the application just keps bouncing and nerver starts. Anyone got your device working? If you consider yourself an advanced user and have configured a router before, click Manual Configure to input all the settings manually. The wireless section is used to configure the wireless settings for your D-Link router.

Note that changes made in this section may also need to be duplicated on wireless clients that you want to connect to your wireless network. To protect your privacy, use the wireless security mode to configure the wireless security features. WEP is the original wireless encryption standard. WPA provides a higher level of security. WPA-Personal does not require an authentication server.

A method of encrypting data for wireless communication intended to provide the same level of privacy as a wired network.

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To gain access to a WEP network, you must know the key. The key is a string of characters that you create.

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When using WEP, you must determine the level of encryption. The type of encryption determines the key length. ASCII format is provided so you can enter a string that is easier to remember. Four keys can be defined so that you can change keys easily. A default key is selected for use on the network.

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Note that, if you enter fewer characters in the WEP key than required, the remainder of the key is automatically padded with zeros. The WPA Mode further refines the variant that the router should employ.

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WPA Mode: WPA is the older standard; select this option if the clients that will be used with the router only support the older standard. Cipher Type: The encryption algorithm used to secure the data communication. Group Key Update Interval: The amount of time before the group key used for broadcast and multicast data is changed. It cannot be shorter than eight characters, although for proper security it needs to be of ample length and should not be a commonly known phrase. This phrase is used to generate session keys that are unique for each wireless client.

Wireless clients should have established the necessary credentials before attempting to authenticate to the Server through this Gateway. Authentication Timeout: Amount of time before a client will be required to re-authenticate. MAC Address Authentication: If this is selected, the user must connect from the same computer whenever logging into the wireless network. If you are unsure of your connection method, please contact your Internet Service Provider. In this case, it is preferable to use the modem's user interface to disable NAT on the modem, then connect the router using the WAN mode appropriate to the no-NAT state of the modem.

This way they know your computer is eligible to receive an IP address. In other words, they know that you are paying for their service. In this case, turn the unicasting option on, and observe whether the router can obtain an IP address.

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In this mode, the router accepts unicast responses from the DHCP server instead of broadcast responses. The D-Link router allows you to set the reconnection mode. The settings are:.

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MAC Users - Click Here. Step 2: Connect your printer to the USB port on your router. Step 3: Launch the SharePort Plus utility. Your printer should be displayed . Shareport - macOS. DIR and Mac OS X , with any SharePort version, cannot find USB HDD · ChrEllehammer, 13, , Last post April 02,

The value may be the same as the Gateway IP Address. Leave the field for the secondary server empty if not used. If LAN devices send larger packets, the router will break them into smaller packets. If the router's MTU is set too high, packets will be fragmented downstream. If the router's MTU is set too low, the router will fragment packets unnecessarily and in extreme cases may be unable to establish some connections.

In either case, network performance can suffer.

Some ISP's record the MAC address of the network adapter in the computer or router used to initially connect to their service. Once your D-Link router is properly configured and this option is enabled, the DHCP Server will manage the IP addresses and other network configuration information for computers and other devices connected to your Local Area Network. There is no need for you to do this yourself. It is possible for a computer or device that is manually configured to have an address that does reside within this range. Your D-Link router, by default, has a static IP address of This means that addresses This is almost the same as when a device has a static IP address except that the device must still request an IP address from the D-Link router.

The D-Link router will provide the device the same IP address every time. Servers on your network should either use a static IP address or use this option. You can assign a name for each computer that is given a reserved IP address.

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This may help you keep track of which computers are assigned this way. Example: Game Server.

A MAC address is usually located on a sticker on the bottom of a network device. The MAC address is comprised of twelve digits. Each pair of hexadecimal digits are usually separated by dashes or colons such as D or D As an alternative, you can locate a MAC address in a specific operating system by following the steps below:.

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