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Ivideon Client offers access to the live video feeds and video archives from cameras attached to Ivideon Server or featuring built-in Ivideon software. Support for ONVIF has been expanded, RTSP implementation has been upgraded, the local viewing subsystem has been overhauled, and multiple improvements have been implemented.

Synology DS218 NAS PLEX Installation Guide – Step by Step

Implemented export of recordings from cloud-based cameras and redesigned the sidebar. You can see export progress and download and delete any recording in the feed on the sidebar. Compact card view without previews displays more information on one screen. Lots of small bug fixes and interface improvements: hot keys are now supported, the name of the camera is displayed when editing a layout, the app loads more quickly for large accounts, etc. Here are the highlights:.

Okay, so basically, all of us here at Ivideon are inveterate optimists, always believing in nothing but the best. Neither are internet channels. Sure, lots of our customers have internet so fast that the videos in Ivideon Client load at a speed Schumacher would have been proud of. There are quite a few of you who could use a few more ticks to be completely happy, and you have to deal with lag and poor video quality in the Ivideon apps. The first new version of Ivideon Server in has an impressive list of changes and added features, as expected by many of our customers and partners:.

In this release we fixed a lot of bugs that were in the previous version, and we made a few visual improvements. In this version, a user wanting to see video segments in which motion was detected can now quickly find them in the cloud archive. This version of Ivideon Server was created at your request.

Ivideon Server

We went through thousands of feedback messages from our users and put into action the requests that we found most frequently. Download Ivideon Server.

QNAP Utilities

We would like Synology to focus on a fully browser-based cross-platform solution moving forward in addition to their current plans for a dedicated desktop program in the upcoming Surveillance Station release. On the Live-view panel, you can click the record button to start recording the live camera feeds and click the stop button whenever you want to finish recording. Share simply. This greatly saves your cost spent on hard drives and provides you with high resolution video evidence when needed. Supports 2.

Download Ivideon Client. History of Changes Ivideon Server 3. We upgraded RTSP implementation, fixing the majority of known problems. We implemented smooth fast-motion playback of local archives at speeds of x2 and x4. We overhauled the local viewing subsystem: we optimized it and simplified the settings.

Commercial NAS Operating Systems - Exploring Value-Additions - Part I

We fixed a problem with reconnecting to Dahua DVR after an interruption in connection. We fixed several bugs with local archive entries and delayed synchronization of local and cloud archives. We eliminated several reasons for rare video server lapses, and we eliminated a number of small errors. Ivideon Client 6. Ivideon Server 3. Reliability of local-archive recording on high-load configurations improved.

Error which led to possible gaps in the video archive when recording on motion detection with some Nobelic and Dahua cameras fixed.

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Several infrequent bugs which crashed the application fixed. Resize each cell to create the camera grid that suits you. Use our templates to quickly create the most common layouts. Let us count the ways. Support for random ONVIF events Modern IP cameras and DVRs offer access to all kinds of additional information in the shape of events for a variety of situations: from signal loss to notifications about items people have left behind in the field of view.

QNAP Utilities

Downloads and other support for VSU-RP Pro+ QNAP QVR Client for Mac x. QNAP Surveillance Client (NVR FW v) for Windows. Downloads and other support for VSL. Firmware · Utility QNAP QVR Client for Mac x. QNAP Web Monitor Component (NVR FW v).

For each or multiple random ONVIF events, one of the preset events in our system—motion, sound, or a notification—can be generated. Step 4. Step 5.

NFS Mount Qnap to macOS

The installation will be very quick and you will not need to restart your NAS. Step 8. Open the Plex media server application by the user interface on your Synology DS and a new window will open in your web browser. This should only take a few seconds and when it finds your NAS, you can proceed.

NOTE — Ensure you have set up a Plex membership or Plex pass subscription either before the start of this installation or now when the system prompts you to log in.

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You can set up a Plex subscription very quickly, even the free version will give you access to several features for your Synology DS NAS server. Next, the Plex media server application will ask you to select the directories that your Media lives in. Step 9. As soon as you have selected and begun scanning different directories on your Synology DS Plex NAS media server, lists of your Media under each label will appear and the Plex server application will begin to scrape metadata from numerous online sources.

This will result in all of your media having the correct thumbnails, descriptions, trailers, castings information and more. This genuinely is the jewel In the crown of Plex to create a much more attractive and user-friendly media server application, right on your Synology DS device. Be sure to download Plex client applications for your mobile phone, TV, console and desktop devices — so then your media playback hardware can enjoy the media content on your Synology DS NAS via Plex now.

If you have any questions about this guide or need help with your NAS, contact me below indeed free advice section. Need Advice on Data Storage from an Expert? Since this service started back in Jan '18, We have helped hundreds of users every month solve their storage woes, but we can only continue to do this with your support.


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