Dock on mac is hidden

macOS Hidden Treasures: Dominate the Dock

You can add your favorite items to the dock simply by dragging and dropping them there.

Select an application to refine your search:

The contextual menu offers a few extra options, but not many: Remove from Dock, Open at Login, and Show in Finder, the last of which is more useful than it is with apps. Opening and Switching to Apps via the Dock — More commonly, the first section of your Dock contains apps that are either currently open or that you have saved to the Dock for quick access. But when I tried to cancel it by typing defaults write com. And with Lion's new FullScreen feature, if I ever really need to hide it to minimize distractions, I just go FullScreen with the current app. I can't drag files from recent files dock to others apps.

Of course, the more icons you drop onto the dock, the more congested it is. Now as your cursor runs over the icons, the little pictures enlarge so that you can see them better.

Make sure the Magnification box is selected and drag the Magnification slider from left Min to right Max depending on your how big you want the icons to appear. A separate slider lets you alter the dock size.

A few of these settings are, admittedly, little more than curiosities, but some make the Dock significantly more useful. Before making major changes to your Dock settings, back-up your existing ones, in case you want to put them back later.

Mac Tip: Why you should place your dock on the left

In Finder, hold Option and click Go , and then select Library. In the Finder window that appears, open the Preferences folder, and make a copy of com.

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  • Make macOS Dock Icons Transparent When an App Is Hidden.
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  • Make macOS Dock Icons Transparent When an App Is Hidden!

You can do this by Option-dragging it to another folder. Then open Terminal, and use the following command to restart the Dock:. This number can be adjusted in the General section of System Preferences, using the Recent items menu.

Control-click on the stack and under View content as you can change its view type from Automatic to Fan , Grid , or List. More importantly, you can at the top of the menu adjust the type of content the stack houses, from applications to recent documents, recent servers, favorite volumes, or favorite items. If you want multiple recent-items stacks — perhaps one for applications and another for documents — just run the Terminal command several times, and configure the stacks accordingly.

Again, these stacks can be removed from the Dock like any other item. This highlights the item under the cursor, mirroring the selection highlight seen in stacks when you navigate them using the keyboard.

How to Use the Mac’s Dock

By default in OS X, you can't tell a hidden application icon from a normal Dock icon. However, you can distinguish which Dock apps are open but hidden by turning on a switch in the operating system that makes hidden Dock icons transparent. Any icons on the Dock that are solid are closed apps that are normally found on the Dock whether they are open or not.

Follow the steps below to enter a command line in Terminal to turn on this feature. Open Finder and browse to the Applications folder.

Making the Mac Dock Icons Transparent

Open the Utilities folder under that.