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I bought a MAC lipstick from eBay recently…not the cleverest thing because eBay is littered with fakes of the most popular brands such as MAC, Nars and Benefit but the seller had good feedback and I presumed it would be ok. But now I am seeing little things that makes me wonder if it is a fake.

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Readers, what do you think? I am no MAC expert but perhaps some of you are….


In person, the lipsticks are roughly the same height, but the new lipstick has a thinner silver band around the middle. It is noticeably thinner than the other 3 in person. None of my other MAC lipsticks are that colour, they are a much duller silver shade.

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Then the lids. You may not be able to tell but where the new lipstick has the words MAC grooved in, it feels quite deep and you can make out the bevelled edges with your finger.

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With the others, the MAC lettering feels very smooth. Also there is absolutely no scent in it. All my other MAC lipsticks have a light vanilla scent.

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A FAKE lippy called Lady Danger sold on eBay and Facebook could increase your risk of serious heart problems. And the £6 MAC fraud, could. Can anyone help me determine if I have been sold fake MAC? (which I suspect I have been, as the lipstick just doesnt have that Mac lustre/depth). Many thx.

The seller swears to me it is the real thing and it was sourced in the US hence the differences. Also if you own Peachstock — does my lipstick look like the right hue? The texture of the lipstick is super soft and the colour is quite opaque too. So if I buy fakes, i am going to stick to non cosmetic things i think. My immediate guess was 3 because it seemed like the MAC label was a teeny bit smaller compared to the others.

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I can't believe some people buy makeup knowing it's fake! He said his client was "na ve" and would not have contemplated selling the lipsticks if he was aware if the unsafe lead content. I know it's not much but better than nothing. Julian Jefferson, mitigating, said Lamerton had given up his job to care for his terminally ill wife and had started selling goods online to earn "a few extra quid". For example, the MAC logo is usually centered on its genuine products but a counterfeit may position the logo at the top or toward the bottom. Message 2 of 5. Jun 28 PM.

I ordered from cheapsmells. Luckily i read your post and i checked them! They are indeed fake! Thank you for your post!!

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Ive bought all my lipsticks from mac as i have a pro card but when i bought mine from cheapsmells it didnt have the same smell as the rest and so i compared it to the rest of the lipsticks and the sticker at the bottom is a more silver colour than a muted silver as the rest. I saw cheapsmells reply to you? I think it is strange of them not to deny that the lipsticks are fake!

I bought 2 MAC eye shadows from them a month ago. Hope they are not fake.

REAL vs FAKE: MAC Cosmetics Lipstick "Myth" (How To Spot)

I believe that the three digit code tells you what year it was made in, so your old ones that say A59 and AA9 were manufactured in the year When you visit a MAC store now, they will only sell you one ending in 1 or 2 — from or I agree with everything the other Zoe said, I was once bitten by the ebayfakes, got my money back in the end. The MAC girls are good at spotting fakes and should be able to tell you, or it might just be off, lipsticks have a 2 year shelf life from MAC and my ones approaching their second birthday dont smell as strong as the new ones, BUT the consistency is ok.

The seller dragged their feet over the matter until the item actually arrived. It was then that I immediately knew it was a fake item; it was listed as an Amplified Creme and yet the box said Lustre. The seller also tried to say the the shade was 'Photo', which I did not know if actually existed. The lipstick I received was 'Kraft' which does exist but is no longer produced due to being limited edition.

I sent the seller the list of reasons below , along with the request for a full refund.

Fake MAC Cinderella Lipstick VS Authentic

I wasn't having someone pay nearly the full retail price for a fake item. Very early this morning I received my refund, but with no explanation. The seller had no reasons for why they sold me a fake item. I worry about others that have bought from this seller. They were selling another five MAC lipsticks possibly all fake and they are selling another one now. I hate people loosing out due to other's dishonesty; it really riles me up. Below are various ways to tell if the MAC lipstick that you have from eBay, or other similar websites are genuine.

The size.

MAC: Fraud or Not?

The Kraft outer box was larger than that of the official MAC packaging. The inner flaps. Well, that's me done. I hope this has been helpful. Have any of you fallen victim to counterfeit goods?

Help! Is my MAC lipstick a fake?

ThatScottishLassie x. Location: Scotland, UK. February 19,

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