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Home Recording Studio Setup

The computer is going to be your center of operations and is a very important part of the home studio. Ableton Live —which is a bit more expensive if you buy the complete version—is another great option and is the choice for the larger percentage of producers in the EDM, hip hop, and electronic genres because of its excellent MIDI, VST, and song creation workflow.

You can explore other options like Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops , etc. Many of the companies allow for you to demo the software for free, so try them out! Not only will an audio interface allow you to record audio such as your voice, guitar, synth, etc. You can use the headphone output of your computer, but it is not as good as an interface, it will require adapters, and can generally be a bit of a nuisance sometimes with buzzes and other artefacts of the computer and audio converters.

If you decide you need more than two inputs, we recommend the Scarlett 18i20 or the Universal Audio Apollo Quad. If you intend on combining some live instruments such as guitars and vocals with virtual instruments in your productions, the difference is even more negligible. The high-end interfaces really are geared towards engineers who are recording mostly audio, as opposed to electronic producers. For example, if the system has super heavy bass, you may make up for it by mixing your track with less bass, and then when you play your track on a generic car system or listen on headphones, it will be completely top heavy and will lack the necessary low end.

You don't need to break the bank when it comes to buying your first monitors. However, once you get into the midrange cost of monitors, you will definitely notice a difference and the extra money spent will really help you with your recording, production, and mix decisions. Monitors from companies like Adams and Focal will cost well over a grand, but are truly incredible and should be considered if you have the budget. It is the best multi track recorder for our music. I suggest you to use it.

Thank you for the tips. What are your thoughts on GarageBand? What are some of the benefits of software such as Protools over GarageBand? I appreciate this article. I have to totally agree with this. Any pro could take a recording from an inexpensive mic and work with it. Besides why buy a super expensive mic just to pick up the crappy acoustics of your room. Oh Thx Grahm or Grahame or ….

No computer or DAW in my place. We turn knobs and push buttons on a big board, with rack units that make cool fx. This is so confusing. I already have a computer, DAW interface but I need to buy a mic and headphones. What you think of that choice? Hi… I would advice you to stay away from Beats Headphones for the studio.

Expensive and muddy up the true sound with all the extra bass. Try Sony MDR as they are way less expensive and do not add any extra sound to the mix. This is VERY important.

How to set up a home recording studio

My pair of Sony headphones cost Hey folks, went to a real bad 8 track studio back in the 80s and had used porta studio and decades later I just bought Tascam MKII. Your 2 cents are appreciated. Your ears are the most important tool in your arsenal. If your ears are in good working order and have sorted out the monitor part of the formula you have the tools you need. Many, many great recordings have been made with less. Not a single note to my email address. But thanks a lot man. Right now I am having a humming on my tascam MKii. Experimenting how to get rid of it. I still like the simplicity of Tascam but maybe switch to DAW?

Complicated is it? Anyway thanks again. You could email me with an old email …callmemrbwana yahoo. Well I am on soc. And basically, my natural instincts took over control, as far as what I was hearing. The DVD of was for the most…a rip-off. Bottom line, I thank you for the encouragement. Your logic was excellent, about many songs that made it, were not costly. Some good tips here. May save time and money in the long run?

And I use beatmaker2 an garageband. At some point I even had a pretty upscale private recording studio with good equipment and all. However…much later in life, I scaled down to a guest bedroom type studio and minimal equipment — and I was still able to record good quality songs. I have Sound Forge 10 for track editing and a mastering bundle by Izotope that came included.

My advice: Always get the best equipment you can afford and learn to work with what you have. Your own abilities and talent will do the rest. This article is awful. There are many more articles out the which actually contain some valid guidance. IMO, a good mic pre and a good mic can make a real diference. Acoustic Treatment is overlooked, and mic placement. I am attempting to setup a home studio in order to create some crisp clean promo videos and possibly do some live streaming, live audio shows that I record while talking over Teamspeak.

I found some information on what I would need and purchased what I thought I would need. If there are any suggestions you can give about how to fix my problem, please let me know. Because I am currently having the same problem I have the neewer condeser mic as well but i have the focus-rite scarlet studio solo, and all i can hear is echo and a loud playback if you can help in anyway thank you. This is a great article.

One thing I would add to this, get an external hard drive to keep your files self, because if your computer ever crash, you still have your files. This is very important! I found a great article about setting up acoustic after purchasing all this great stuff from this article.

Home Recording Studio Ideas | 11 Bedroom Studio Setup Tips

I occasionally come by really old mics that are about to be thrown out — have been left behind by contractors, slammed in car doors, etc…. While some of these mics may not sound the greatest, they can be very cool as a special effect mic, or even for miking harmonica. Thanks Graham for great article that can help new comers to the field. It also works extremely well with Vienna Ensemble Pro which hosts most of my samples on my slave MacPros.

DP is very good at this kind of workflow.

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But I can also work in large audio track templates and DP feels equally at home. It adapts to each environment well. For my tastes Digital Performer felt the most powerful and the most logical. I do use Pro Tools to exchange files. I sometimes mix in PT. An engineer I work with mixes in Pro Tools. I really should have done it. The monitor is very clear, crisp and bright. As you can see it just about looks like an iMac. You need an audio interface David.

I have a question because I am totally newbie so excuse me if this is rather simple… but how do you interface guitars, bass, and keyboards with the Mac? If anyone has an idea how to import a guitar to play into something like GarageBand or Logic, and also how to connect an older MIDI keyboard to a Mac, I would love to be able to do that, but no idea how! Thanks in advance! I also use a MOTU audio interface.

If you look at the photo at the top of this article, directly above the music stand in the rack is my MOTU HD interface. Again, many companies make these. A direct box can also do the same thing. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Charles Dey says:. July 18, at pm. September 20, at pm. Steve Steele says:. May 4, at pm. Sam Hendrix says:. October 10, at pm.

What Do You Need for a Home Studio Setup?

Discover the home studio recording equipment you need and why. These resources will be harder to find for the lesser known DAWs. This ensures when you come to mix your track, it will sound balanced and professional. And finally, you can use it live if you ever get that far. Cochrane should have at least broached the subject, advised it needs attention and suggested an appropriate source of information on room acoustics. If you want to do a proper job, you need the proper tools. The audio interface also outputs the audio signal to your monitor speakers, and controls the different incoming and outgoing volume levels.

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