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It recognized they were suspicious and tagged them so we could go in and decide what to do. This security software also left some infected files only partially dealt with — we had to go back in and tell the program to finish the job. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac requires a few more steps to set up than most security programs.

Also, some functions can only be accessed from the online portal and not from the desktop dashboard. This is less convenient than having all settings, tools and functions together at your fingertips.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac: análise (review)

It struggled a little to block Windows threats attempting to infiltrate through Safari, though it handled malicious files very well in Chrome. In both browsers Bitdefender marked search results so we could see if a page was safe to visit before clicking on it. And the scans themselves were really quick compared to other Mac internet security programs. Bitdefender is missing a few important tools that other Mac internet security programs include, like a personal firewall, spam filters and a password manager.

System Requirements

Other programs, including Norton Security Standard , have these, but it comes at a steeper price. There's no quick-scan option, but the full-system scan should be fast enough. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition's dark interface takes up about one-quarter of the system's desktop. A green check mark next to "Your Device Is Protected" shows that all is safe and secure. If you're in danger or need to do anything, the message changes to "Your Device Is at Risk" and the check mark becomes a red X. There's a System Scan button to examine the entire computer, but Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition won't let you schedule scans; they'll just happen automatically during quiet periods.

Bitdefender displays the name of each item being scanned next to the scan's progress. The Quarantine section lists potentially dangerous items, while Exclusions lets you whitelist items you know are safe.

Excellent Malware Protection Scores

You can turn the behavior-based Protection Shield on and off. Account Info takes you to your Bitdefender Central online account and lets you opt out of Bitdefender data collection and end pop-up offers. Help and Support links to the support personnel.

Immediate improvements

BitDefender Antivirus for Mac Latest Version - 1 User, 3 Years (Activation Key Card): Software. BitDefender Antivirus For Mac Latest Version - 1 User, 1 Year (Activation Key Card): Software.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition lacks customization potential. You can't exclude specific file types, adjust scanning criteria or individually turn protection features on or off. You'll get started with Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition by downloading a 9. You must choose whether to opt out of Bitdefender's data-collection program, and then the software scans your system for malware and installs itself. Finally, you'll need to create a Bitdefender Central account. This provides access to limited support and lets you manage other devices with Bitdefender software installed.

It took us a little over 9 minutes to install Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. Bitdefender provides lots of online tech support, but not phone support, for the free product. You can work through the website's FAQs and forum or email the technicians a question, but your email will be answered on a lower priority than those of paying customers. Simple and straightforward, Bitdefender's Antivirus Free Edition may be minimalist but it provides better protection than many paid security programs.

Its only real competition is Kaspersky Free Antivirus , which has a quick scan and scan scheduling, but a heavier performance impact during scans.. Traffic Light also marks up search results, using green and red icons to identify safe and dangerous links. If you stay away from red-light links, you should be safe. Clicking the red icon opens a page with detailed information about why the link is dangerous.

You get a laundry list of reasons, with relevant icons highlighted. In most cases it's phishing or malware. But other reasons include Facebook scams, sending unsolicited email, and piracy. Note that the Windows antivirus no longer bundles Traffic Light, because it has a more powerful Web Protection component. Traffic Light lives on under macOS! New in the current edition, Bitdefender includes an anti-tracker browser extension.

When you visit a site that contains ad trackers, site analytics trackers, or other trackers, Bitdefender puts the number of trackers on the extension's toolbar icon. By default, its active Do Not Track system blocks them all. You can click for a summary by category, which includes an estimate of the page load time saved. You can disable blocking of specific categories, too. Bitdefender's many layers of antivirus, web, and network protection keep your devices and their data safe. However, when you connect to the internet your data in transit is potentially at risk.

To ensure privacy for your data, you need a VPN virtual private network. When you connect using a VPN, nobody, not even the owner of the shady Wi-Fi network you're using, can access your network traffic, and you'll be harder to track as you move across the web. Bitdefender VPN isn't available as a standalone product. Even the feature-complete Premium edition requires that you're already running a Bitdefender antivirus or security suite.

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Bitdefender uses AnchorFree's servers and services, but your information is secure with Bitdefender. AnchorFree cannot see your online activities and only receives a Bitdefender identifier. The VPN service will work out of the box, but only in a limited mode until you pay for a Premium subscription. The free version also limits which VPN servers you can access. At the other extreme, the free version of ProtonVPN doesn't impose any limits. A typical standalone VPN allows use on a specific number of devices, most commonly five. With Bitdefender, you get as many devices as you have licenses for the underlying antivirus or suite.

The price of the Premium VPN doesn't change.

2. McAfee Total Protection

You change the VPN server from the pull-down menu, although you can only select the country to which you will connect. Other services, like NordVPN , let you select the specific server in a given country, and even tell you what kind of load that server is experiencing. Bitdefender is more of a set-it-and-forget-it affair. That said, it has only a few options: turning notifications on or off, configuring the VPN to connect automatically on unsafe read: unsecured Wi-Fi networks and having it launch on Windows startup.

The stripped-down nature of Bitdefender VPN Premium is understandable when you consider that it's being sold as an add-on to Bitdefender antivirus products. In fact, you cannot use Bitdefender VPN Premium as a standalone product—it must be installed alongside a Bitdefender antivirus or suite product.

On the subject of Netflix, we found that we could not connect to the popular video streaming service while the Bitdefender VPN was active. That's not surprising, since we couldn't access when using Hotspot Shield, either. It's a bit of a cat-and-mouse game. None of the documentation we found on the Bitdefender VPN outlined how many servers are available, but we've been told it's the same as those available with the first-party Hotspot Shield client.

Hotspot Shield has 2, servers in 73 countries. That's a strong showing, beating out much of the VPN small fry.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition: No Muss, No Fuss

NordVPN, however, leads the pack with around 5, servers. A large number of servers is useful, since it means fewer people will be allocated per server. Fewer people in a server generally means better performance, as you won't have to share as many slices of the bandwidth pie. Server locations also matter, partly because more locations means more options for spoofing your own location, but mostly because a closer server will usually yield better speed and will definitely have lower latency. You won't find an option to change the protocol used by the Bitdefender VPN client to create its encrypted tunnel.

That's good. We prefer OpenVPN, which has the advantage of being open-source and picked over for potential vulnerabilities. A major concern with using a VPN is it impact on your internet connection speeds. Our testing was carried out in our New York offices, using the VPN server automatically assigned to us. These results are not the final word on Bitdefender VPN Premium's speed test performance, but rather for comparison between other products.

Your results will differ depending on your location and connection. Bitdefender VPN also increased latency by 3, Bitdefender VPN Premium's upload speed test results were close to the median of That's the end of the good news, however. We've recorded a median latency of percent and a median download speed reduction of As noted, Bitdefender didn't roll its own VPN. Hotspot Shield reduced download speed results by only Hotspot Shield increased latency by 5, percent—the worst score we've yet recorded. All four of these products have received the coveted PCMag Editors' Choice award for their individual excellence.

Antivirus for Mac:

However, with Norton you get a full-featured VPN at no extra charge. Ransomware is a growing threat, and ransomware protection is showing up in more and more security products. Some add a monitoring layer that looks for behavior that suggests encrypting ransomware. Others, Bitdefender included, balk ransomware activity by limiting access to files in the folders typically affected by ransomware.