Best mac eye brushes to own

Must Have Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Totally agree that the and are must haves, I have bought about 4 of each! This is such a great post for anyone wondering about Mac brushes xx. Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict. The , the and the are my three all-time favorite brushes! Lucy Lucys Lifestyle. Useful review!! Muy favorites are , and also ! Recently I bought duo tappered blending which I loved!

I use it to blend concealer. I read that can be useful for highlight cheecksbones with mineralize skinfinish, but I do not have that brush to try! Can you do a post with a review of brushes for face and cheeks? Regards, Soledad. Oh wow this is such an helpful post! I would love the to try it and see how it compares to the rest of my brushes!

Gemma Miss Makeup Magpie.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

I really like for gel eyeliner. My absolute favourite blending brush is and I am so sad that it is discontinued. What brush do you use to apply foundation on, Sarah? This very post is very informative and helpfull btw, tqvm! Holy crap this is such a useful post! Definitely favoriting this post so that whenever I do decide to take the plunge and buy Mac eyeshadow brushes, I know exactly what to get! Thanks dearie! Big fan of MAC brushes.

My faves has to be the and for the whole blending and smoking out malarky. I use powder to set my foundation and I prefer a big fluffy brush to do the job. I use the Real Techniques flawless powder brush for my setting powder. This brush is large and fluffy but still slightly dense so it covers a larger surface area while providing good coverage. When using a smaller or more stiff brush, I get a more full coverage result but the powder can get a little spotty and not as blended without a little more work on my part.

With this brush, the powder applies evenly and blends effortlessly. There are 3 main eyeshadow brushes that I would recommend when starting out. A brush for the lid, a fluffy brush for blending out color in your crease and a stiffer crease brush for a more precise deposit of color. If you are a true beginner and you HAD to pick 2 of the 3, you can probably do without the stiffer crease brush. The MAC and have a flat surface for packing color onto the lid. They both work well and get the same job done.

I tend to use the when I am working with a more matte shade on the lid and the when I am using a lid color with more sheen to it. This brush is a fluffier brush used to blend out color in the crease. I use this brush to transition my lid color to my crease color. Cheaper options for this brush would be either the Morphe MB23 or the M When blending in the crease with a fluffier brush use an arc-like windshield wiper motion versus small circles or a straight back and forth motion. Keep doing this over and over until there are no obvious lines. And then blend some more.

I use this to apply more concentrated color to my outer crease. The brush is more dense so it applies the color more precisely than the but it is still soft enough to blend. This brush gives me nice shading in the outer corner of my eye and works well when trying to create a gradient effect from the inner corner to the outer V. So those above are my major must have brushes to start out your collection. There are a few others that I absolutely love and use on a daily basis. They may not be a necessity for someone just starting out, but I do think they are helpful additions to any brush kit.

This brush is my holy grail for setting my undereye concealer. I am actually ashamed of how I used to apply my eyeshadow.

These 11 Makeup Brushes Put Sponges (and Fingers) to Shame

There are a number of different brushes you can use here. I use a blending brush to apply colour to the crease, blend out colour I applied with my pencil brush and to apply and blend colour underneath the eye. The most famous of all blending brushes, a one everyone should have at least one of, is the Mac brush. This is the perfect shape for blending eyeshadow into the crease and blending the shadow out further.

It has the perfect density for picking up colour and is washes really well. I have had my brush for 2 years now and it is still perfect.

Morphe M523 Tapered Powder

I also love a tapered blending brush. One of my favourite brushes is the Sigma E45 small tapered brush.

5 MUST HAVE BRUSHES for Small, Hooded Eyes!

This is different from the Mac brush as it comes in a little bit at the top. I find this great for getting the colour into the crease and not ending up at your eyebrow. It is really soft on the eyes and fantastic for blending the colour out. A good dupe for this is the Blank Canvas e42 brush. As you can see from the picture above, they are extremely similar. For me the only difference is when you wash them.

The Blank Canvas brush sheds a little when washed. A fluffy brush to me, is one that is really soft, a little larger than the Mac and is perfect for blending out colour on the eye.

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Do you need this one if you have a Mac brush? I would say yes. They do different things. I use and love the Blank Canvas E26 brush. It is really soft and perfect for creating really soft edges to your eyeshadow. I often use this brush to apply my transition colour. The Blank Canvas E10 brush is actually one of my favourite brushes. This is a small socket blending brush.

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I use it with a stippling motion across my face and just keep going until things look nice and blended. I can also apply foundation with my fingertips then buff it in with the brush. It works well to pack color evenly and also to wedge your shadow right into the crease, offering sharp color placement. Again, this helps with my super matte foundations and really blends the product well into my skin and keeps it from looking dry or cakey. November 6, The soft and firmly bundled fibres are made with a buffed edge making the blending of powder products easy and seamless.

I love this brush as it finds the socket perfectly. This brush is a must have for me, to the point I have 3 of them. You can never have enough makeup brushes!! My collection has gotten out of control lately, but trust me I use every single brush.